About the Author

James Hildebrandt
Blurbarian Since October 2007
Name James Hildebrandt
My Web Site www.jphphotography.ca
Location Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Gender Male
My Occupation Electronics Technician pays the bills, photography funds itself
My Bio I'm a very creative person, from as early as I can remember I was always making things. I'm always trying to learn new things and my interests are very wide and varied. I don't try to limit myself to just the arts or just the sciences, sometimes I even blend the two.

I started to get into photography when I was about 19 and it didn't take long for me to become quite serious about it. I've been at it for almost a decade now and could most likely quit my regular job to do it full time if I chose to. Instead I prefer to keep it as a hobby so that I don't kill the enjoyment of it by turning it into a job.