Jeff Settle

Longmont, CO

I first picked up a camera when I was 14. My mother had bought my father a Pentax SP500. I wore it out for him.

Over the years my equipment has changed but my passion has only grown. The direction of my passion has also evolved. In my younger years, I enjoyed senery and landscapes.

As I grew as a photographer, people photography became much more important to me. Volunteering for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and Hearts Apart allowed me to give something back. These shoots have been rewarding but emotionally taxing.

Finally, I analyzed my favorite images and concluded that I most enjoy doing portraits. They did not need to be portraits of people. But they should be dark environments with selectively lit subjects and backgrounds.

Now, shooting cars reminds me of an image I saw in my youth. My father, in his 20s was pushing a rusty, 1930s car with two friends. Every shoot takes me back to that image and my father.

Then car photography became a passion.