Jeff Tamagini

Boston, MA, USA

As a photographer I specialize in urban environments. That includes general street photography, event, urban lifestyle, and architectural photography. When capturing architectural images I try to take a holistic approach and capture the entire environment that the building is in. I am also available for model shoots and stock imagery work. Why spend money on photos from a general stock agency that only kind of work when, we can work together to build a custom stock library that really meets your needs.

I am an active member in various photography communities, the largest being flickr.

I was the Lead Organizer for Help Portrait Boston, and organization created by celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart with the intent of giving back to those in need with the power of pictures.

My photos have been published by The Boston Globe, The Cape Cod Times and various other news outlets.

I have lived in Boston for 13 years and still haven't finished exploring it for all it has to offer photograph

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