Jana Sosnowski

Los Angeles, CA

My name is Jana.

I am a 26-year-old-woman living in Los Angeles. I am an intense, free-spirited person who wants to be a super hero to myself. I love to write, and I love taking pictures. Both teach me how I see the world. I struggle with my spirituality, but it is deeply rooted in something better and greater than me. I love to think. My family is amazing. I love being an older sister to three wonderful brothers. I am somewhat of a workaholic. I like accomplishment. I consider myself to be pretty well educated. I love learning. I miss teaching.

I love flip-flops and jeans. Dodger Stadium is one of my favorite places on this entire planet. I have an amazing best friend. I’m addicted to the news and coffee. I love the internet. Politics fascinate me. I used to read a lot. I love music.

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