Juan Bernal

Miami, Fl, USA

"A photojournalist should be an imperceptible observer ", says Juan Bernal.

And he adds "The photojournalist is a silent hunter that shoots when he has his objective within sight. Unlike the traditional wedding photographer, nobody in his frame is ready for the take, perfectly still, framed and smiling. That is why in many occasions he fails and must keep on shooting and shooting. At the end, he takes many more pictures than a regular photographer. On occasion, when the atmosphere is not right nor the ambiance or the space, he must make use of all of his resources to do a better job, like a good hunter.

In silence but alert, looking through the corner of his eye and with his finger on the shutter he is always ready for the next shot."

Juan Bernal is a journalist by trade which allows him to see things from a different perspective. His documentary work has won him some recognitions in his native Colombia.

Books by Juan Bernal