Jules Ober

Melbourne, Australia

Jules Ober is a photographer who has developed a highly trained eye for images over 20 years working between Australia and Europe across platforms as diverse as fine art printmaking, fashion, film and multimedia.

Her work as a photographer has involved relationships with clients such as Kenzo Perfume and Universal music, and has seen her photographs published in magazines such as Vogue (Australia) Elle (Russia) , L’Express (France) and in 2011, a profile feature in Digital Photography (Australia).

In 2005, she developed a more personal approach to her work. For the first time she combined her major influences : the profound awareness and awe of nature imprinted on her as an Australian, and her passion for design and printmaking developed during years of living and working in Europe.

She has since exposed her work in galleries in Europe and Australia and has been commissioned by interior architects to produce artwork for numerous boutique hotels.

Books by Jules Ober