Julie Davis

Austin, Texas

Julie Davis is a native of West Texas, with a background in law and journalism, and has painted professionally since 2010. Davis pursues her profession with terrific appetite and values painting as a daily exercise, creating a new painting most days. She has studied with Jill Carver, Scott Christensen, Laurel Daniel, Carol Marine, and Skip Whitcomb.

"Raised in the open spaces of West Texas, I developed a love of nature and a desire to explore the land at a young age. The excitement of composing a painting outdoors and of capturing nature's beauty and dynamic character energizes me. Exploration of the manmade and organic lines within our landscape motivates much of my current work. I consider it both my good fortune and a constant challenge to render our landscape on canvas."

Davis' work is available at Davis Gallery in Austin, Texas; small works are available through her blog at jdavisart.blogspot.com.

Books by Julie Davis