Julio Marquez

Bakersfield CA

I was 17 years old when I came to America to reach for my goals and dreams, but it didn't happen at first. I had to struggle with being young, and alone, I couldn't speak any english and I did not have any one to teach me what I needed to do to reach my dreams. By 1994, I went to a pawn shop and bought my first camera. This was my first tool for me to learn on my own. Now, it is 2009, and I still do not have a formal education, but I have a grand imagination. I finally got the help that I needed to reach my goals. Becuase of my hard work to train myself with cameras and computers, I can now do what I have always wanted to do. I am happy that I have been able to create photography that not only makes other people happy, but is very personally satisfying to me. Every photo shoot that I do I try to be more creative and technically capable so that my work is more professional and artistic.

I would like to invite other people to work with me to create art that is unique and beautiful.

Books by Julio Marquez