Robert LaSardo


Throughout his career, Robert LaSardo has found his niche in Hollywood playing the devious criminal. Often evil personified onscreen, he constantly manages to charm police investigators and audiences alike.
As Escobar Gallardo on the award-winning series Nip/Tuck, Robert plays a cunning villain who convincingly tortures Dr. Christian Troy into revealing key information about the location of a child molester. As a gang member on both CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami, he taunts the lead investigators but ultimately wins their respect. With more recent performances in Ghost Whisperer and his own independent film Never Down, Robert is creating complex characters that are tortured by life, rather than the torturers themselves.
Born on September 20, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York, Robert spent his childhood in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn near the once famous Steeple Chase amusement park commonly known as Coney Island. During an impoverished and turbulent upbringing, Coney

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