Jeff VanDyke

Chrisman, IL USA

I acquired a passion for the outdoors while growing up in Hammond, Indiana. My family would vacation in Northern Wisconsin every year. Every summer, we would also take several trips to Turkey Run State Park near Rockville, Indiana. Every October, we would travel back to Rockville for the Covered Bridge Festival and would spend the day driving around the back roads looking for Covered Bridges.

Now, several years later, my parents have retired to Northern Wisconsin very near the lake we camped at and I am living in Chrisman, Illinois with my wife and two daughters. Ironically, I've come full circle. My family goes camping and fishing in Northern Wisconsin at the same lake I did as a child and Chrisman happens to be a short 30 minute drive back to Turkey Run and the Covered Bridges of Parke County, Indiana,

My favorite photos are those that you can look at and feel like you are right there hearing the sounds and feeling the peacefulness as I did when I was there.

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