About the Author

John Hovig
Blurbarian Since August 2014
Name John Hovig
My Web Site http://johnhovig.com
Location Houston, TX
Gender Male
My Occupation Artist
My Bio My artworks are brash poems, visual rhymes between concepts and images, more mash-up than collage, more expression than impression, and more color than key. I make paintings, drawings and prints (primarily woodcuts, screenprints and etchings).

Language is important. It's the best way to examine the abstract conceptualizations we create from the tangible around us.

Art history is important. I labor under the shadows of giants. I may as well acknowledge it.

And hubris. Of course. You can't make a work "acknowledging" the past without admitting you're suggesting improvement(s).

The human touch is also important, especially where it conflicts with technology. I use plenty of technology to plan and execute my works, but the human touch always rules.

And finally I believe in rigor and quality. My paintings are planned til the last moment, when my hand is finally freed to weigh in. But I never eschew proper formal concerns. Paintings are objects. You might as well make them properly.