Kaliq Rashad


Kaliq Rashad’s commitment to excellence is unsurpassed! He is dedicated to molding his mind, body and spirit and those of others – especially by engaging youth. Born Kevin A. Mathis in Kingston, NY, Kaliq has matured into a deeply introspective gentleman and a profoundly spiritual being…always evolving. Throughout the community, Kaliq has also incorporated his artistic skills into the field of barbering and hair design. His drawing strengths are in the fields of Caricature, Portraiture, Still Life, Landscapes, and the Graffiti art form. Not surprisingly, his mediums of choice are as varied. For instance: pen and ink, charcoal, pastels and oils. His new love is photography, a talent most likely channeled from his father’s genetic stamp. Kaliq has won many poetry, rap and dance contests, throughout his youth in Queens, NY and is currently the recipient of The Editor’s Choice Award, for outstanding achievement in poetry. Welcome to the Kaliq experience.

Books by Kaliq Rashad