Kevin Howard

Chandler, AZ 85225

Born in such a negative era, the options of survival were very limited, though at the time my future was not of any interest to me, there was a plan being created without my knowledge. I was destined for greatness, to help my peers see life in a different light, to inspire the world one person, and one poem at a time. Through every endeavor thus far I have experience an eclectic collision of emotions. I have failed enough to know how to succeed, I have succeeded enough to know when not to be greedy, I have hurt enough to know that tears do not last forever, and I have been happy enough to know that happiness is a pit stop between pain and sacrifice. It was not until 1998 I began to step into my essence; poetry. I began to believe that my knowledge could help an entire community, that my words could save many lives, that my presence was greater then any gift giving of material objects. This is my calling and I am answering it, I am Kevin L. Howard 1st but you can call me Kamplexx

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