Kate E. Deeming & Martine Cotton

Glasgow, Scotland and Tokyo, Japan by ways of Philadelphia, USA and Brisbane, AUS

Philadelphia native Kate E. Deeming has been working across media and art form for fifteen years. An advocate of ‘it’s the message not the media’, her career has spanned from Feature to Performance Film, Community Art to Activism. Within all of her projects she seeks to create connections between people and communities, between ideas and environment. She has been based in Glasgow, Scotland since 2000 and tours internationally with her work.

Martine Cotton (born Brisbane, Tokyo based) has lived in Japan since 2002. Equally horrified, amused and fascinated by the bland globalisation and disconnection of a once rich and unique culture, and the odd tweaks the Japanese cultivate in their contemporary, excessively consumer-oriented society, Martine's photography seeks to offer some sense of wonder and solace to the viewer. A place to hide for a moment, away from the frenetic chaos of the biggest city in the world.

Books by Kate E. Deeming & Martine Cotton