Kath Fries

Sydney, Australia

Kath Fries is a visual artist based in Sydney, Australia.
"My art practice explores metaphors of interconnection when an element from the everyday is used as a locus linking broader concepts of time and space. My installations invite viewers to approach from differing angles to discover their own sense of journey within poetic subtleties of ephemerality, trace and residue. I often use shadow and reflection to convey a fleeting temporal sense of tension, of balancing on the edge between the immediate present and the unfurling possibilities of the unseen."
Kath Fries completed a Masters of Visual Art in 2008 at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney. Her temporal site sensitive installations range from intimately sized indoor works to extensive large-scale pieces within natural, suburban and agricultural landscapes. Fries has created installations for Hunter Valley vineyards, Rockingham beach WA, Laughing Waters VIC, the Bay Run Drummoyne, Lake George and Byron Bay NSW.

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