katti borre

Buenos Aires

Katti Borré is an established, award winning photographer, born and raised in Belgium, her passion for photography grew with the years. In 2009 she relocated to Argentina where her photography grew in the mids of culture that broods with excitement. In 2014 she graduated from the Andy Goldstein school of Photography in Buenos Aires. As her vision was now able to become reality Katti traveled around Patagonia to share with the world her love of the country. She has captured Argentina, a country that withholds the beauty of nature, in ways that is often not visible with the naked eye. Her incredible admiration for the country's culture has allowed her to photograph both man and nature in its purest form. The apprehension she has for solitary landscapes, dramatic cloudscapes and the culture of the Argentine Patagon is portrayed in this book in such a way that it strikes one as fascinating.

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