Keith Berr


Keith Berr is an award-winning fine art photographer who travels worldwide and has studio locations in Cleveland, Ohio and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, he has been producing remarkable images for more than 30 years and believes that creating a great photograph takes the vision of an artist. His travels take him on assignments or personal projects capturing breathtaking vistas, people, food and native flair around the world.

Keith’s passion leads him to photograph people where he may not speak the local language but his unique ability to connect with and gain a trust allow him to capture people’s true personalities, like few other photographers can. He embodies a fun, fresh lifestyle with a personality as engaging as the images he captures.

Whether he's working in one of his studios or an isolated location, Keith's dramatic images soon reveal his mastery of natural or created light in the formation of his works of art.

Areas of Expertise

A piece of art should provoke a response from the viewer; it should captivate and lead one on to explore the angles, space, and light within the photograph. The viewer should feel a connection with the image, whether it is a person or an object, the context will remain the same.

Seeing and being aware of one's surroundings is the underlying focus in my photographs, images that capture timeless moments.

Professional Affiliations

Brooks Institute of Photography, ASMP

Books by Keith Berr