Kenneth Lipston

Highland Mills, New York, USA

Kenneth Lipston’s imagery is continuously evolving but often returns to his vision of seeing the surreal and overlooked abstract interpretations in our common surroundings. He explores realism which is both objective and subjective. He endeavors to inspire those who view his work to see into the world around us.

Exhibitions include “Phantasm on Film”, The Korby Gallery, Cedar Grove, NJ; “Amish Life”, Soho Photo Gallery, New York City; IPOSA international exhibitions and "Mélange", Ellenville Public Library & Museum, Ellenville, NY.

His current photojournalistic project, "Orange County Roots”, was initiated in 2008 when he received a grant from the County of Orange in New York. This has resulted in ongoing exhibitions of photographs that depict the people, trades and crafts that have existed in Orange County over the last century and still exist today. This project is now being expanded into a Photojournalism Workshop, Website & Book using a second County of Orange Grant in 2010.

Books by Kenneth Lipston