Kenny Lim

Oakland, CA, USA

Rumor has it, Kenny can be found somewhere in the East Bay wandering the streets in search of good food. He is known as an unorthodox, but awesome, teacher to his students. He is loved by all, as far as he knows, and willing to share his life lessons and funny stories with random people.
More to come...He is under-construction.

Grant's Bio:
There are many urban legends surrounding Grant. Some consider him to be a quiet young man who loves art, but there are those who will tell you otherwise. Many people believe that Grant is a wandering magician who travels around with a band of small ferrets. Other folk-lorish tales describe him as oafish and otherworldly, with six arms and a pair of jogging pants that are too big. Most scholars agree that he is at least 26 years old, but may be from another dimension where he is actually anywhere from 50 to 200 years old! The only thing that is for sure is that Grant draws pictures for a living and lives in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Books by Kenny Lim