Brooklyn, NY USA

Kenzi traces her passion for henna to the time she spent living in Morocco. Her travels throughout the world have instilled in her a sincere appreciation for diverse cultures, arts, traditions and history. A self-taught professional henna artist, Kenzi is currently working on a book of celebrating the rich henna tradition of Morocco. By revealing techniques, recipes, designs, myths and history, Kenzi seeks to rescue from obscurity this ancient women's art form. Her love of Moroccan design is reflected in her henna work into which she also incorporates contemporary as well as traditional influences from other cultures. While Kenzi's work is deeply rooted in these traditions, it is also entirely modern, often referred to as NeoFusion. Kenzi's experience as a henna artist is as vast as her influences; her work can be seen in movies, magazines, runways and music videos. Kenzi is also the president of, a collective of international, professional henna artists and suppliers.

Books by Kenzi