kate gomez

Twin Cities, MN

Kate Gomez is an artist from the Twin Cities who works out of her studio in Somerset, WI. She exhibits her work in galleries throughout the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin. Gomez attended the College of Visual Arts from 1993-1997. For several years after college, Gomez worked in an embroidery shop where she designed and digitized logos. Embroidery was a way to showcase her love of scientific drawings by stitching directly into her canvases. Gomez‘s connection with diagrams and illustrations began as a child. Kate would comb through encyclopedias and fixate on transparent overlays of the human body, plant structures, or the anatomy of a frog. She is still drawn to this type of imagery today. Her work is a constructed in a similar way, often showing multiple views of a single idea. While Gomez’s aim is to represent human emotion, memory and science are common themes in her work.

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