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Daniel Kimbrough
Blurbarian Since July 2008
Name Daniel Kimbrough
My Web Site http://electronicdanielx.blogspot.com/
Location USA
Gender Male
My Occupation Artist/Composer/Musician
My Bio Daniel Kimbrough is a self taught American artist, his work is classified as Surrealism.Mr.Kimbrough was the featured artist /Artist of The Year in 2008 for The Menil Collection Museum,he is also the longest local artist represented by The Collection from 1999 to 2009.Please check out The Menil Collection online at http://www.menil.org

I would like to personally thank all of you for supporting my book and If you contact me at electronicdanielx@gmail.com I will be glad to personally make arrangements to sign your copy of CYBERORGANICFETISHES as a thank you for your support.Once again much thanks!Daniel Kimbrough

Books by this author

Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
Everyone needs to know about these authors and artists...
William Burroughs,Stephen Hawkins,Moriko Mori,Yves Tanguy,Matta,Max Ernst,Dali, Picasso,Rothko,
This book is addictive. Read it. (At your own risk.)
"Relativity :The Special and the General Theory "by Albert Einstein
"The Soft Machine"by William Burroughs
"Blackholes and Baby Universes"by Stephen Hawkins