SHEdriven Photography

Atlanta, GA

Kim Roseberry, Atlanta freelance photographer and author, began her career on the streets of her native residence Los Angeles, California. Intrigued with the homeless community lining the streets of Los Angeles’ Skid Row, there her lens would only begin to capture the expanse of urban civilization. Roseberry would seek to refine her skills as she pursued higher education in the visual and graphic arts. Interests heightened to include architecture, nature, individuals, and families. Transferring the creative writer within to her photography, she desires for others to witness stories of those cinematized through her lens. With fervor, she ultimately seeks to bridge communities and cross cultural barriers. Roseberry continues to tap into the lives of her subjects as she shares their stories, listens to their hearts, and captures the spirit of their inner and outer beauty with each click of the camera.

Areas of Expertise

Telling stories with images.

Books by SHEdriven Photography