Kate McCavitt

Oceanside, California, USA

Trained as a Sumie Artist and self taught in other genres, Kate has been painting since 1985; full time since 2004. All her Asian Art training flows into her colorful, textured, very abstracted works that are vibrantly alive with countless layers of fluid acrylics and gloss varnish. Beyond classic technique in atmospheric perspective, her art tells stories through the use of ancient Icons, full of mystical symbolism and myth.

Kate, a New York native, now lives and paints very prolifically in Oceanside California. She is represented by galleries in Coronado, Ca; Waikoloa,Hawaii; West Palm Beach, FL; Jackson Hole, WY; and Aspen, CO. He work is in private and corporate collections. She has self published Limited Editions of her work, but prefers making originals to embellishing Giclees.

When not painting, you'll find her involved in her blended family with 10 grandkids, or doing fun things like gourmet cooking, photography, scuba diving, writing, reading, and inspiring other

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