Karen Schrey

Victoria, BC, Canada

Karen is a retired entrepreneur who has put her time and energy into fundraising to build a school in a Maasai village in Tanzania. She wants to share the joy that this endeavour brings with people who are looking for a meaningful way to help others.

Recently Karen and a group of supporters traveled to Makuyuni Village to literally “raise the roof” on the school that was built, starting with the manufacture of the bricks from local clay, by the Maasai villagers. She has a personal connection with the Elders of the Maasai village and through that connection has the unique opportunity to be involved in every step of the process from fundraising to seeing the roof go on! Karen is proud to affim that this was a volunteer driven project and that every cent of profit went to the construction of the school. Her recent trip to the village of Makuyuni allowed her to witness first-hand the power of partnership in a community-driven venture.

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