Pat Gardner


Hi! I’m a photo artist, a.k.a. photographer, living in Virginia. I love photographing landscapes, flowers, old cars, people, animals, and so on. Well that covers a lot, but the world is my canvas, as someone once said. I process most of my work in Photoshop along with a variety of plugins and textures. It's all to give the final image a little punch. After this is done, I just stare at my completed work and contemplate, think, and wonder what else I can do to make it better. It drives me crazy, I must confess.

Regarding this project, my fat cat Gorgie was an easy and patient model to photograph. She loved to meditate on her back in a freeze frame pose. So many photos later, I decided to share them in this book. Even though I love processing most of my work with photoshop, these cat photos are straight on photography and lightly edited. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks!

Books by Pat Gardner