Sophia Georgiopoulou

Seattle, Washington

With studies in the Classics and a Ph. D. in Byzantine Literature (1990) from Harvard University, Sophia Georgiopoulou taught in these two fields until 2004. In November 2010, on qualifying as a goldsmith, she opened her studio Kosmimata.

She works in gold, silver and occasionally in precious metal clay. Inspired by the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine past of the Near East, her pieces, using the ancient technique of granulation, demonstrate her belief that jewelry crafted by the skilled human hand is a thing of timeless beauty.

In her work, Sophia Geogiopoulou combines the traditional jewelry making techniques with innovative design. She is interested in building a body of work that will be relevant to the present time but also represent, in terms of techniques and skills, a link to the jewelry making traditions of the past.