MiMi Stanley

Arlington, Tennessee, USA

My childhood was spent in Yazoo City, Mississippi and my youth in Clinton, Mississippi. I studied education in college and taught middle school, high school, and at a community college before taking a different career path that lead me to IT and back to teaching as a corporate trainer.

I practice yoga, ride motorcycles, and recently learned to knit. I like to sew - always having a project in the works - and can cook a pretty decent meal, when necessary! I like Elvis and The Clash, Madonna and Blondie, Loretta Lynn and Joan Jett. I read Hemingway, Anita Shreve, and Willie Morris. I enjoy Guillermo del Toro and John Waters.

I live in Arlington, Tennessee with my boyfriend and my crowntail betta. Our fishy family is growing! A new tank is going up as I write this!

Photography has always interested me and now I am finding a way to display and share my photographs with others! My first book was a private collections of photos from my brother's wedding.

Books by MiMi Stanley