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MiMi Stanley
Blurbarian Since January 2008
Name MiMi Stanley
Location Arlington, Tennessee, USA
Gender Female
My Bio My childhood was spent in Yazoo City, Mississippi and my youth in Clinton, Mississippi. I studied education in college and taught middle school, high school, and at a community college before taking a different career path that lead me to IT and back to teaching as a corporate trainer.

I practice yoga, ride motorcycles, and recently learned to knit. I like to sew - always having a project in the works - and can cook a pretty decent meal, when necessary! I like Elvis and The Clash, Madonna and Blondie, Loretta Lynn and Joan Jett. I read Hemingway, Anita Shreve, and Willie Morris. I enjoy Guillermo del Toro and John Waters.

I live in Arlington, Tennessee with my boyfriend and my crowntail betta. Our fishy family is growing! A new tank is going up as I write this!

Photography has always interested me and now I am finding a way to display and share my photographs with others! My first book was a private collections of photos from my brother's wedding.

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