Kimberly Ramsay

Kensington, MD

Being a graphic designer I love being creative any way I can. WIth cooking I find creativity comes easy. Add a little something, take a little something out. Make things your own.

I studied design at Syracuse what seems a lifetime ago but learned all I know to feel accomplished after years of experience and finding an incredible mentor.

I try and live my life to the fullest. Having a family, great friends, and my own business make that pretty easy. Hearing my kids belly laugh is by far the greatest sound in the world. If I could fill my days according to what would make me happy I would enjoy a long run, play with the kids, listen to great music, drink some wine and eat well among friends and family.

Someday I hope I get to travel to other countries immerse myself into the cultures, the food and the lifestyles for just enough time to see the world from different perspectives.

For now I will continue cooking and creating and appreciating how good it is to simply be.

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