Ann Ridyard


Hi Everyone :-) I am married with 2 children and thoroughly involved with dogs, all day, every day !! hubby is a professional groomer and we hold a family affix for our long coated German Shepherds, you can check them out here:-

We feed all our dogs a natural, raw diet, you can find out all about that here :-

Check out the diary of the last litter we raw weaned.

We have lots of Youtube videos of our beautiful dogs, some of the hilarious !!

These can be viewed here :-

I would recommend 'Working 9 to 5' it's very sweet and funny, also check out 'Harvey doesn't feel like dancing today' naughty pup !!!

Hope you enjoy the links and my raw feeding website inspires you to try this method with your own dog - you won't believe the results !!

Ann Ridyard.

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