soulhawk : david hale + kris d

Athens, Georgia, United States

We as a People are in a time of change, true medicine will help navigate us through this change. Medicine can come in many forms, in stories and myths, in plants and animals, in art and music, and in earth and sky, true medicine lives within us all, in every cell and every atom. We hope to support the awakening of this Medicine, and show our gratitude for its beauty and strength. We see Truth in Its vast shapes and forms,
and this is the well which we “draw” from.
Working together we can find the space between us that quiets the ego, and lets Spirit take charge. We are a vessel for this Great Spirit and offer ourselves through the Depths of our Souls. May Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all these Great Teachers, See our gratitude, and may we share in Their songs.
These are Our humbling offerings and these are Our humble songs.

Books by soulhawk : david hale + kris d