Nathanael Kuenzli

Grand Marais, Minnesota

Born in 1981, Nathanael Kuenzli started carrying a camera with him at the age of four. Although the camera did not have any film in it, he composed photographs of the plants and trees.

"I can still remember some of the images I was composing that age, and it is still those subtle, quiet details of the landscape that are the most compelling to me."

Beginning at the age of ten Kuenzli’s studies focused primarily on photography and working with a large format view camera.
"The rhythm and weight of working with the different pieces of the view camera, and the separation that the dark cloth gives help to purify my vision of the subject I'm working with."

Kuenzli is drawn to the quiet corners of the natural world and enjoys traveling and living simply from the back of his truck. Kuenzli makes his home on the North Shore of Lake Superior among the lakes and rivers of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the rocky shoreline of Lake Superior.

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