Kristina Wentzell

Western New York

My art is inspired by direct engagement with natural places. I have been fortunate to travel and live in beautiful settings on the coast and in the mountains of Maine, Western Australia, the Pacific Northwest, and western New York. I’ve always had the need to create and that need comes from the beauty I see around me. Not just in picture postcard scenes but everywhere, in the play of light on a leaf in my in backyard, the shapes and colors in the sky, stones on a beach or reflections in a puddle. I am interested in capturing the feeling of a place, it’s movement and energy. My work exemplifies my belief that the familiar is extraordinary when discovered in the right combinations of color and light.

A lifelong painter, I have studied with Parsons School of Design in France and Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. I earned a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art. I work in my home studio in the historic village of East Aurora, NY.

Books by Kristina Wentzell