K. Yaude

Los Angeles, CA

Kathy Yaude, art degree, 1970, Omaha, Nebr.

Among the top five Scratchboard artists in the US and perhaps the most sold originals marketed nationally and internationally at that time. Ninety five of her originals were sold and reproduced in the early 80's.
Publications: Art News, Art Decor and Southwest Art to name a few.

Kathy's Pastel portraits were aired on the Home Shopping Network to both national and international viewers for the Hollywood Collection.

Versed in many art mediums, Kathy is currently painting in mostly watercolor and acrylic. She is also a published author/producer and videographer

She has also added landscape/garden design to her many skills. "It is just an extension of my brush."

"I love creating and painting. It is like being a magician in a way. You start with a blank canvas, paper or thing and like magic, a universe appears that you can send anywhere for others to enjoy. It's a little part of you that lives on." Kathy Yaude

Books by K. Yaude