Rachel Holland

Brighton, UK

La Luminata is the brainchild of Eco Designer and Stylist, Rachel Holland. Her personal beliefs in protecting the environment, promoting humanitarian issues, being fair and generally doing the right thing no matter what the circumstances led to the idea of an inspirational and eco trendwatching magazine combining her love of the environment with design.

Her main inspirations stems from the earth and all of its beauty, cycles and growth. One of the ‘guiding principles’ in Rachel's work is the art of wabi sabi, less is more, quality over quantity and long term solutions over quick-fixes. Her favourite childhood pastime was to flick through the imaginary worlds in a pop-up book or to create sets and landscapes out of cardboard, fabric and scrap. In this way, La Luminata aims to inspire and enchant their readers with facts, fantasies and imaginative images which stir an emotion and provoke thoughtful, meaningful action.

Rachel says: 'I am constantly educating myself about new innovations

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