Alison Whalen

Sonoma County, California

I was born in Buffalo, NY to a first grade teacher and a professional magician. When we weren't practicing our violins, my sister and I hid out in our attic clubhouse where we read Nancy Drew mysteries, wrote our own short stories, made collages, and sketched and painted. We were happiest when we were creating something, and our allowances were usually spent on art materials.

A strong thread that connected our family was our deep love for animals. I can't recall a time that our household wasn't inhabited by at least three cats, an occasional dog, and a myriad of other hobo creatures just passing through in need of a good meal or some veterinary care.

Although I usually paint in an impressionistic style, when it comes to animals, my approach changes completely and becomes more quirky and folky. I paint animals as I know them to be - humorous, whimsical, tender, and very dear to my heart. These characteristics are what I attempt to capture when I paint a pet's portrait.

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