Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Peter Hastwell inherited a love of travel from both his parents who ventured off separately to the UK, Europe, India, and S-E Asia in the 60's and 70's from Australia. But it was not until the 90's that he discovered for himself that travelling alone can bring its own challenges and rewards. Cycling solo 1,000 km across the Indonesian archipelago in 1992 from Timor to Bali and 'pedallingpete', the traveller, came into being. Cycling twice in India, Turkey and down the Danube followed.

Peter previously lived in Adelaide in South Australia where he worked as a Graffiti Program Coordinator for a local council. Supporting the community in buffing over many thousands of mindless graffiti tags, he also worked with young people in encouraging creative expression in public places. He now lives on Kangaroo Island where he volunteers with a variety of environmental programs and exhibits his photography and original art that is now influenced by the beauty and diversity that surrounds him.

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