Laurent Hunziker

Paris, France

My name is Laurent. I’m french and i live in Paris. Saxophonist in an english band, my second passion is Photography. I formerly used to work as a photographer before getting trapped into music, but decided that i would enjoy more taking pictures only for the fun of it… and stay an amateur…

My music allows me travel and discover many countries in the world, and i also love travelling on my time off to go back to some places i saw… With music tour, there is no chance to have time for myself enjoying walking alone and quiet.. It’s always scheduled and never stay long enough at the same place. Everyday is another city… Sometimes i think.. “well, i will try to come back here a few days sometime..” ..and i do if i can..

Love to take my time to walk and discover randomly some new areas and new people to talk with… and capture some moments for the pleasure of Photography and my memory too…

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