Tammy Ellis Robinson


As a writer, dancer and choreographer, Tammy Ellis Robinson has been allowing her imagination to fuel her creative efforts and fulfill her goals to have a meaningful impact in her work. From workshops with special needs children to high school students to adults, she has worked with a variety of ages and ability levels. She enjoys finding the creative spark that excites the performer and creator in every person.

Mrs. Robinson has created and facilitated writing circles and workshops for children in the NYS Capital Region for several years. She co-owns and teaches educational workshops with Out of the Box Creative Learning in Albany, New York. She is the editor and founder of Skribblers Magazine and teaches a variety of writing courses for all ages focusing on literary and creative arts. Mrs. Robinson is a fiction writer and publishes a poetry and short fiction blog. “Sharing in the creative travels of students always helps to refresh my own view of my writing and my reality.”

Books by Tammy Ellis Robinson