Lauren Bullers

Pennsylvannia, USA

Life Overview: Grew up in Pennsylvannia with two wonderful parents and one older brother. Had a very fortunate up-bringing and remain very close with my mom, dad, and brother. Just beginning a beautiful marriage with my "life-long dove". Soaring through a life of togetherness with a smooth outlook on life while looking forward to a safe & secure landing.

Religious Status: Currently growing as a Christian along with my husband Rudy. Like mountains & valleys, my relationship with the Lord consists of ups & downs and peaks & rutts, but whenever stumbling I count my blessings and look to the ones I love most to pick me back up again.

Life Passions:
Enjoy spending time with friends and family
Traveling (Especially love the beach)
Scrapbooking with the girls
Writing poetry

Goal as a writer: To help inspire those who are looking for a purpose in life. To lead others in the right direction towards the Lord by writing something that touches and softens the heart.

Books by Lauren Bullers