Angela Kestrel



Angela Kestrel, “LemurKat”, is an illustrator, not an artist. With her quirky, whimsical style she can turn anything cute and her art now graces the walls of fellow artists all over the world, from Guatemala to Madagascar and everywhere in between.

A zoologist geek at heart, the wild world of nature provides many of her subjects. The smaller and more obscure animals and birds fascinate her. Particularly, as her nickname suggests, those endearing prosimians - the lemurs.

When she is not drawing, reading, sleeping or working, Kat is usually writing (or editing). Her current work-in-progress is “Midsummer Knight’s Quest” and is a story of friendship, courage and a return to those halcyon days of youth. One day, she hopes you shall be able to read it.

Imagination feeds the soul. Without it, we are nothing.

Books by Angela Kestrel