Lennon and Associates P.C.


Lennon & Associates, P.C., was established in 1985 as a multidisciplinary outpatient mental health clinic. In 1991, Dr.Lennon pioneered an intensive inpatient program for children and adolescents specializing in the treatment of bonding and attachment disorders. In 1995, Dr. Lennon and his associates founded the Family Bonding and Attachment Center.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Lennon offers professional consultations for child care agencies, conducts workshops and seminars throughout the Midwest, and trains and supervises therapists who work with attachment disordered children and adolescents. His thoughts on children and families have appeared in his column, “For the love of children . . ."

Professional Affiliations

Dr. Lennon and his wife, Sharron, have been houseparents and
foster parents, and are the proud parents of five children.

Books by Lennon and Associates P.C.