Lisandro Moises Enrique

Córdoba, Argentina

Sorry my English first.

I wrote in my personal blog for years to know me more, I took pictures of everything around me with basics cameras could buy. I flooded with stories of the people around me. And I began to realize that all stories can be displayed and all they start from the same place: love. The emotions, looks, thoughts can be captured.

And that is why I discovered why I like taking pictures of weddings and social events. Are Stories. Many, in one place. Everything seems to be equal to others, but never are because people are different, unique in every way and that's the beauty of it all.

I have not (yet) the pleasure of meeting incredible people like Kings, or Presidents, or great personalities, but I knew real people with beautiful stories to share. People who open their hearts for my camera and me. Through their eyes, I get excited, I laugh, I have fun, I cry. I am a blessed to be doing this that I love.

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