Leon Baird


Born in Tynemouth 1975, and grew up in Ashington Northumberland. Started as a late developer, first playing the piano and composing at the age of 16. Mostly self taught, a year later could play significant works by Chopin & Liszt. Studied art history, philosophy and critical theory with the artist Shelagh Collins in the Lake District, before becoming a council member of the Liszt Society, at which point I moved to London and started to work with Leslie Howard.
Studied composition at Kings College London with Robert Keeley, graduating with 1st class honours. I compose music in a variety of styles, but have a unique musical language with a distinctive voice, always preferring to take the less obvious and experimental route. As a composer, I have an interest in most styles of music, and have experimented with combining different compositional techniques in unorthodox ways. Have composed a significant body of works over the years for various orchestral combinations and solo music,

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