Melinda Lerner

Los Angeles

Melinda's artistic vocation redefines the common perceptions of beauty and it is her love of people that is reflected in her photos. As in Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", there is no telling what strange or silly thing is around the corner. Something is hidden in a smile, a darting glance, or in an odd pose or a steak of shadow on a subject's face. Children become adults and adults become childlike. There is an air of mystery, spontaneity and playfulness to her images. She rarely plans her shoots, but concentrates on allowing her models to reveal their inner selves to the camera. Melinda's ability to make her subjects feel calm, relaxed and liberated often provides deep insight into their personalities for the final frame.

 What intrigues her is finding beauty hidden within perceived flaws. "I like to change views of sensuality, intimacy and solitude 'Phototherapy' is how I refer to the process". Her approach brings a one-of-a-kind result that she says is instinctual.

Books by Melinda Lerner