L Pentelescu & M Symonds

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

laureen g pentelescu is a self taught photographer who enjoys every aspect of the photographic process. Much of Laureen’s inspiration to her craft comes from her desire to dedicate it to mother earth and still life images.

Additionally, her energy and passion is directed towards a private wholistic practice in the sunny Okanagan region of British Columbia.

Laureen ~ www.flickr.com/photos/laureengphotography

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michael sean symonds is an author, artist and faciliator in the area of wholistic wellness and sprituality. He has self-published five books on personal growth and spirituality.

His training includes Polarity Therapy/counselling, Rebirthing and Primordial Sound Meditation. michael facilitates one-on-one and group explorations in personal growth, healing and consciousness.

Michael ~ www.zenshredding.wordpress.com

Books by L Pentelescu & M Symonds