Jair Ribeiro

Milano, Italy

I’m not a photographer. I prefer to define me as a Photographs Lover with my way to see the world.
My Photos are natural, I try to catch the moments naturally, I try to see the soul of the models or the things and places. Everything has a soul.. and I try to catch that in my pictures... the ancient indians probably will never let me take their pictures... we all know that story... the pictures take off the soul... something like that...
I’m a poet... the Photograph Poet. ‘cos I see my photos as a poetry and most of my photos has a poetry attached.
When I take a picture of a girl, a friend or lover, I put my heart on that. I try to pass the feelings on that..I put my love, my friendship and my respect on that. So the pics comes. That’s my secret. That’s what I do...
I love the smiles.. every smile has his story that could last forever only in a photograph... and when I can capture that story, that magic moment I know that smile will last... last forever.

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