Angelina Kidd, Artist


It is true that there is no scientific proof of life after life and of the human soul. However, I believe there is a soul and it is energy recognized as light. I am drawn to the duality of light and dark--conceptualized as absence and presence. My work focuses on the connection humans have with the natural world. By means of my light constructions, I propose that when our bodies die our soul as light energy become one with the environment, leading to the continuation of life. Through allegory and visual parables that both children and adults can relate to, I ask my viewer to return to that sliver of time in childhood when she believed anything was possible, even life after life.

Areas of Expertise

I strive for authenticity and emotion, but also playfulness in my photography. The use of alternative and historical processes—wet plate collodion, palladium, pinhole/Polaroid and gelatin silver prints, among others—is central to my photography. Not only do these processes tend to produce an antique, timeless effect; they also reflect, through their use and disuse, the passage of time within the art of photography itself.