Linda Coppens

Ternat, Belgium

I am a Belgian visual artist who enjoys creating colorful abstract paintings.
My interest in the human being led to the development of my artistic theme: the complexity of the human being and the influence of our past experiences on our current experiences.
Drawing upon my training as a psychologist I incorporate into my work a variety of ideas, infusing it with another range of textures beyond the pictorial. This gives it a more open-ended character that invites the viewer to appreciate it in her/his own way.
I am a versatile painter and enjoy working in acrylics but also in oil & cold wax.
My work is mostly abstract and evolves through the working process which leaves a lot of room for changes and surprises.
I discovered that the oil & cold wax with its soft, transparent consistency is an ideal material for expressing the layered nature of memory, our past experiences.

Books by Linda Coppens