Linda Norton

Camden, Maine, USA

Water colors my world and has affected my life since age six when I first discovered paint....specifically watercolors.

Mother was an artist and first introduced me to art. The introduction was clever and casual and art was never forced but just a part of my life. When time permitted Mom a former Pratt student worked on her oils and on special occasions we would go to a museum. The Wardsworth Anathema when in Connecticut or the Farnsworth Museum when in Maine.

Throughout all the years I never remember being led in any specific direction but rather exposed to all types of art and artists. My choices were my own and when I settled down it was Watercolor and realism that decided on, I must admit that a lot of that decision was because of Andrew Wyeth, Turner and Winslow Homer.

Over the years I have worked to improve my technique and be true to my style. This book is a collection of some of my favorite places and things that color my world and keep me painting.

Books by Linda Norton